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Siding Replacement

Expert Siding Installation and Replacement

Like your roof, your home's exterior siding endures harsh weather year after year. Over time, siding can warp, discolor, and allow moisture intrusion leading to expensive repairs. Upgrading old or damaged siding restores your home's appearance while preventing costly water damage.


Our siding specialists have decades of hands-on installation experience. We stay up to date on the latest products and techniques to provide work backed by strong manufacturer warranties. Whether wood, vinyl, or fiber cement, we handle any siding type and configuration expertly.

Lifetime Quality is your local roofing and siding company in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Austin, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Charlotte, and Tampa. We only install top-rated siding products from trusted manufacturers such as CertainTeed. We provide siding replacement in addition to any roof replacement services to help fully restore your home.  All of our installed siding comes with a best in class warranty to give you peace of mind.

New Siding Installation

Adding new siding is one of the best investments for enhancing your home's beauty and value. We provide complete installations using top quality products from brands like CertainTeed, James Hardie, and Allura Fiber Cement. You can match your existing siding or choose a fresh look.

New siding options we recommend include:

  • Vinyl siding - Durable, affordable, easy to maintain

  • Fiber cement - Mimics wood but resists moisture  

  • Engineered wood siding - Rustic cedar or redwood looks

  • Composite siding - Mix of materials like plastic and wood

  • Shake siding - Replicates cedar shake look without upkeep

install new siding at a Lifetime Quality project
siding on a Suburb Home

Siding Repair and Replacement

Over time, siding may need replacement due to:

  • Fading and discoloration

  • Warping and buckling

  • Leaks around cracked areas

  • Damage from pests or storms

We can replace your existing siding with a matching or upgraded product. Or replace individual damaged boards as needed. Our team ensures new siding integrates seamlessly.

Contact Lifetime Quality for an evaluation if your siding needs replacement or you desire new installation. We provide quality workmanship and materials that stand the test of time.

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