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Cleveland’s Top Roofing Company: Why Choose Lifetime Quality

When it comes to roofing in Cleveland, Ohio, you need a company you can trust. At Lifetime Quality Roofing, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable roofing company in Cleveland for all your repair and replacement needs. We’ve answered some common questions from Cleveland homeowners and highlighted what makes us unique, so you can make an informed decision.

Customer Testimonials From Cleveland Homeowners

Don’t just take our word for it - hear what our customers have to
say about working with our roofing contractors in Cleveland.

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Free Roof Inspection

Pricing & Insurance for Roofing in Cleveland

Insurance Claims

If your roof has been damaged by a storm, wind, hail, or other event, insurance will likely cover the cost of replacement or roof repair in Cleveland. Our expert inspectors use drones, video, photos, and on-site evaluation to thoroughly assess your roof. We then work directly with your claims adjuster to get your roof repair or replacement approved.

Self-Pay Options

For a standard asphalt shingle roof replacement on an average-sized home in Cleveland, you can expect to pay $7,500 - $12,000 out of pocket. This is just a national average though - the final cost depends on roof size/complexity, any underlying damage, steep pitch, code requirements, and other factors.

Financing Available

We understand a new roof is a major expense. That’s why we offer affordable financing options to split the cost into manageable monthly payments.


​Quick Turnaround for Roofing in Cleveland

At Lifetime Quality Roofing, we know that most homeowners can’t afford lengthy roof repairs or replacements. Our large, efficient crews of roofing contractors in Cleveland can complete most full roof replacements in just 1 day while maintaining stringent safety and quality standards.

Expert Roofers in the Cleveland Area

We know the local Cleveland roofing market and its unique weather challenges inside and out. Check out what our happy Cleveland customers have to say about our work. From our decades of experience to thousands of successful projects, it’s clear why Cleveland homeowners consistently choose Lifetime Quality Roofing. Our deep expertise, excellent craftsmanship, and stellar customer service set us apart.

What To Know About Cleveland’s Weather & How It Impacts Your Roof

We’ve worked in virtually every Cleveland suburb, including Lakewood, Parma, Euclid, Mentor, and many more. The weather conditions in Cleveland present several unique challenges to homeowners due to the area’s harsh winters and intense weather patterns. At Lifetime Quality Roofing, we consider all the key weather factors that impact roofing in Cleveland:

  • Snowfall: Cleveland receives significant snowfall during the winter months, with an average of around 60 inches annually. Heavy snow accumulation can put tremendous weight and stress on roofs, potentially leading to structural damage or even collapse if the roof is not properly designed or maintained. Our roofing contractors ensure roofs can withstand heavy snow loads.


  • Lake Effect Snow: Cleveland’s proximity to Lake Erie makes it susceptible to lake effect snow, which can result in intense, localized snowfall events. These sudden bursts of heavy snow can quickly overwhelm roofs and lead to ice dams, which can cause water to back up and seep into the building. We prepare roofs for these sudden heavy snow bursts.


  • Moisture: The humidity levels and precipitation in Cleveland can accelerate the growth of mold, mildew, and algae on roofs, potentially leading to premature deterioration if not addressed promptly. Our roofing company uses moisture-resistant materials.

  • Temperature Fluctuations: The area experiences frequent freeze-thaw cycles, with temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing. This can cause ice dams to form and melt, leading to potential water damage and leaks in the roofing system. Our roofers in Cleveland use proper materials and techniques to prevent this.


  • Wind: Cleveland residents know all about the region’s strong winds, especially during winter storms and lake effect events. High winds can damage or even tear off shingles, flashing, and other roofing components, making regular maintenance and inspections crucial. Our roof installations are built to withstand Cleveland’s high winds.


  • Hail: Severe thunderstorms in the spring and summer months can bring hail, which can cause significant damage to roofs, including dents, cracks, and granule loss in asphalt shingles. We repair and replace hail-damaged roofing in Cleveland.

Lifetime Quality Roofing is prepared to handle Cleveland’s unique weather challenges by using durable, weather-resistant materials, ensuring proper ventilation and insulation, and performing regular inspections and maintenance to prevent costly damage and extend the life of the roofing system.

Project Gallery of Roofing for Lifetime Quality

Take a look at these sample roofing jobs we’ve tackled for satisfied clients. Feel free to browse our gallery for additional examples of our exceptional roofing craftsmanship.


Roof replacement project completed by Lifetime Quality


Roof replacement project completed by Lifetime Quality

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