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How Beautiful Rooftop Bars Gained Their Popularity

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A sun is setting over a magnificent city skyline seen from the comforts of a relaxing rooftop bar

Rooftop bars have been gaining popularity over the past few years. In fact, they are now more popular than ever before. A rooftop bar is a type of outdoor patio that is located on the top of a building.. Rooftop bars offer an alternative to traditional bars that are often crowded and noisy. They also provide a unique view of a city’s skyline.

History of Rooftop Bars

The very first rooftop bar was created by an architect named Rudolph Aronson. According to Bloomberg, Aronson traveled to Europe where he delighted in garden parties where people could socialize and listen to music outdoors. He took this idea back with him to New York, but he faced the challenge of lack of outdoor space. Aronson decided to place his garden on top of his own Casino where he could enjoy theatre and music from outside.

With no air conditioning, outside gardens such as this one became a hit. Rooftop gardens popped up all over Broadway. The scene became one of pleasure, and these gardens were often viewed as a vacation away from everyday life. However, as air conditioning became more widespread, dining and bars moved back inside buildings.

In an attempt to make their buildings more noticeable, older buildings that were not utilizing their rooftop space started to bring back the rooftop bar. This gave older buildings a way to stand out amongst the new and improved city scene.

Why Do People Love Them?

With the rise in popularity, you might be wondering what makes these bars different from regular bars or hangout spots. What makes these places special? According to Restaurant Engine, there are several reasons why people love rooftop bars.

First, they provide an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Depending on the weather, some rooftop bars offer covering if the weather is not conducive to being outside. It allows people to connect to the outdoors in cities where there might not be as many outdoor spaces.

Second, they offer a unique view of the city skyline. Rooftop bars allow guests to sit back and enjoy the view while sipping on their favorite drink. This gives guests the “top of the world” feeling.

Fourth, they are a fun place to hang out with friends and family. Rooftop bars offer a relaxing environment and atmosphere. The limited seating allows for more intimate interactions amongst guests versus loud and rowdy bars.

Fifth, they are a great spot to take pictures. Rooftop bars offer aesthetics that are different from normal bars. The gorgeous views allow for some amazing Instagram moments.

A bright Columbus, OH skyline shows Olentangy River and skyscraper buildings

Rooftop Bars in Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH has some great nightlife, and is no stranger to rooftop bars. Here are a few of the most popular places to visit here:

Located in Bridgepark, Vaso has a lot to offer guests. It is situated by the river, allowing the rooftop bar stunning views. Vaso also offers heated igloos for the colder months, and an indoor bar offers many spaces for guests to enjoy.

Lumin is located in Downtown Columbus, OH at the top of AC Hotel. Guests can enjoy the downtown city skyline here, as well as experiencing food and drinks inspired and created by locals. Lumin is also offering heated igloos this winter.

This rooftop bar is located in Downtown Columbus, OH. Goodale Station sits at the top of Canopy by Hilton in Short North. This bar and restaurant works with local farmers to create the best plates possible. Guests can enjoy beautiful views from this location.

A bright Cincinnati, OH skyline shows a river and blue lined bridge leading into the city

Rooftop Bars in Cincinnati, OH

It’s no secret that Cincinnati, OH has a pretty active nightlife. With a variety of sporting events, Cincinnati’s bars are a great place to go catch a game. Check out these popular rooftop bars:

The Blind Pig sits overlooking the Ohio River not far from Cincinnati’s sports stadiums. This rooftop bar claims to be a “modern-day speakeasy” as you have to walk through another bar to reach The Blind Pig. This is the perfect spot for sports fans to enjoy the ambience of Cincinnati.

This rooftop experience is located in Cincinnati’s business district atop the Phelps Hotel. Top of the Park offers cozy fireplaces, and two levels of Cincinnati views. This is the perfect spot for a drink after work.

Located off of Vine St, The View at Shire’s Garden offers both drinks and history. This rooftop bar is on the 10th floor of an apartment building, but the street it sits on used to be a place for amusement. This bar offers heated igloos to combat the colder months.

A bright Pittsburgh, PA skyline with a river that separates around the city with yellow bridges allowing safe travel across

Rooftop Bars in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA may not be your first thought for great rooftop bars, but the city is full of some spectacular spots. These are some of the most popular rooftop bars here:

Il Tetto is the third floor in Sienna Mercato. It sits in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District and offers views of the Pittsburgh skyline. This bar is home to a retractable roof, which allows guests to enjoy drinks in the garden, even during bad weather.

Over Eden is located at the top of TRYP by Wyndham in Pittsburgh, PA. It offers a cultural experience with great views of the city. With garage door windows, this bar is able to accommodate any weather.

Carson City Saloon sits in Pittsburgh’s Historic South Side. This multi-level bar is the perfect pick for sports fans. Guests can enjoy the fresh air while cheering for their favorite sports team.

A cloudy Dallas, TX skyline shows dramatic reflections in the city's skyscraper buildings

Everything is bigger in Texas! Dallas and Fort Worth rooftop bars are no exception. These rooftops stand out as the most popular bars here:

Reata in Fort Worth offers many private dining options. One of these options, nicknamed “Luna Vista” is a dome covered rooftop where guests can enjoy the scenery without having to face the elements.

This rooftop bar is found 19 floors up in Dallas, TX. Waterproof is an urban oasis complete with cocktails and a rooftop pool. Guests can enjoy a swim in the sky, or sit back and relax while enjoying the Dallas views.

In Uptown Dallas sits The Henry with a covered and heated rooftop bar. For December, The Henry decorates for the holidays and offers specialty holiday drinks, including eggnog. The heated room and holiday cheer are perfect for a cozy holiday season.

A bright Tampa, FL skyline is reflected in a large body of bright blue water

Rooftop Bars in Tampa, FL

Florida’s weather makes Florida the perfect home for rooftop bars. They offer great views of the ocean all year. Check out these popular rooftop bars in Tampa, FL:

M. Bird sits above Armature Works in Tampa, FL. This rooftop bar offers views of the city and the waterfront. With a growing neighborhood, this bar is the perfect spot to watch the community continue to grow and innovate.

Rox is located at The Current Hotel. It is Tampa’s tallest rooftop bar, making it the ideal spot to watch the city skyline and water. This bar offers seasonal cocktails for guests to enjoy all year round.

Birchwood Canopy sits at the top of The Birchwood, a boutique hotel. This rooftop lounge offers cabanas to rent to help guests stay out of the sun. Guests can enjoy the ocean breeze as they gaze at Tampa Bay.

Commercial Roofing

Lifetime Quality Roofing doesn’t only tackle retail roofing. Helping the community come together is important to us, so we also offer commercial roofing. What better way to bring people together than with a rooftop bar? Archatrak talks about how roofing for rooftop bars differs from other types of roofing.

If you’re looking into roofing for a commercial building, then call us today at 614-407-7663 for a free roof inspection!

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