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Women in Roofing Supports the Columbus Ohio Community

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The Women of Lifetime Quality Roofing are having a positive impact both internally and externally in Columbus, OH, overcoming the gender imbalance seen in the construction industries

A Local Roofing Company Dedicated to Supporting Our Community

At Lifetime Quality Roofing, we know that having a roof over your head is crucial. It provides protection from the elements and ensures that you have a safe and secure place to call home. That's why we were eager to partner with The Open Shelter, a non-profit organization that helps provide homeless and marginally housed individuals with food, shelter, and other basic necessities.

This holiday season the Women of Lifetime Quality Roofing organized a company food drive to show support for the homeless and marginally-housed people of Central Ohio. On December 22nd, 2022, Lifetime Quality Roofing donated over 100 fixed grocery bags, about $2,000 in value, as well as a cash donation of $2,000 to The Open Shelter, Inc. This contribution will help support The Open Shelter's efforts in helping the homeless and marginally housed community.

We are proud of our staff for their generosity and kindness, and grateful to be able to partner with The Open Shelter to make a difference in the lives of those in need. It's heartwarming to see businesses and individuals coming together to support non-profit organizations like The Open Shelter, which work tirelessly to combat homelessness and provide basic necessities to those in need.

Lifetime Quality Roofing staff with Owens Corning Pink Panther presenting a check and donations to The Open Shelter in South Columbus Ohio

Supporting Women in the Roofing and Construction Industry

According to the organization of National Women in Roofing, women only make up 0.5% of the roofing workforce in America. Lifetime Quality Roofing acknowledges this and is proud to sponsor our company’s first employee resource group, The Women of Lifetime Quality Roofing, in an effort to break the boundaries women face within the roofing and construction industries. Our goal is to show that women should be pursuing careers in construction/roofing and will thrive with evolving companies, such as Lifetime Quality Roofing.

One of the biggest challenges women face in the roofing industry is overcoming the stereotypes and biases that still exist. Many people still assume that roofing is a physically demanding job that is best suited for men, but this is simply not true. Women have the same capacity for physical strength and endurance as men, and are just as capable of handling the demands of roofing work. In addition, roofing work does not only consist of laying shingles. Scheduling, ordering, production, and many other aspects behind the scenes are also areas in which women are a minority in the roofing and construction industry as a whole.

Despite these challenges, women have been making great strides in the roofing industry. Many have started their own roofing companies, and some have even become leaders in the field. These women are role models for other aspiring female roofers, showing that with hard work and determination, anyone can succeed in this rewarding career.

The Women of Lifetime Quality Roofing posing with an oversized check to donate to a homeless shelter in Central Ohio / Columbus OH

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