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Westerville OH Roof Replacement

Westerville, OH

Storm Damaged Roof Replacement in Westerville, Ohio

The homeowners of this Westerville, Ohio property contacted our team after noticing possible roof damage following a major storm. We promptly came out to perform a thorough roof inspection using drone cameras and hands-on examination.

Our inspectors discovered numerous missing, cracked, and lifted shingles throughout the roof. We documented the storm damage through detailed photographs, video, and specific measurements.

Leveraging this inspection evidence, we worked closely with the homeowners' insurance provider to demonstrate that full roof replacement was necessary due to the extent of damage. The insurer ultimately approved covering the new roof minus the deductible, saving the clients thousands over paying out of pocket.

We scheduled and completed the full roof tear-off and installation of architectural shingles chosen by the homeowners. They were relieved to have the significant project cost covered by insurance after our successful claim. The property now has enhanced protection from the elements and improved curb appeal.

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