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Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill with Solar Panels

Save energy and money with a top-rated solar roof system for your home. Claim your tax savings today!

Are you searching for the best residential solar panel roofs for your home in Central Ohio? Look no further than Lifetime Quality Solar!

On top of making your home eco-friendlier, our residential solar panel roofing will help you save significant money on energy bills. Over time, your payments could reach net-zero! With financing for every budget and federal tax credits available, your residential solar panel cost has never been lower.

Free Solar Consultation

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Advantages Of Solar Roofing For Your Home

The advantages of solar energy are endless, and our experts would be happy to review them all during your initial consultation. For starters, let’s take a look at the three main perks of using solar energy to power your Central Ohio home.

Solar systems can significantly reduce your energy costs from month to month, which makes them a worthwhile investment for any home. Rather than having to pay for traditional utilities, your solar roof can help power your home for far less!

Switching to solar isn’t only an upgrade for you, but for the planet as a whole, too! By harnessing renewable energy, residential solar power will keep your home running at peak condition while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re considering switching to solar, odds are you’re worried about how your roof will look. At Lifetime Quality Solar, we’ll work with you to make sure your new solar panels blend in perfectly with your home exterior. With our solar solutions, you never have to worry about curb appeal.

Why Choose Our Ohio Home Solar Panel Experts?

Major Cost Savings

Say goodbye to nonrenewable energy sources that only get more expensive every year! Our solar roofs will save you money.

Federal Tax Credits

As an added bonus, you can take advantage of a 26% federal tax credit by switching to a solar roofing alternative.

Certified Installation Experts

As a BBB-accredited team, we guarantee that we provide the highest-quality services.

Decades Of Experience

Our team brings decades of experience to every job, so you can count on us from product selection to final installation.

Maximize Your Savings With Clean Solar Energy

No Additional Cost

Never pay more than your monthly electric bill: your energy savings is your payment, for a net-zero cost.

Extra Incentives

Save more with a 26% federal tax credit, Ohio solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) and special financing offers.

A Lifetime of Savings

Significantly reduce or even eliminate your electric bill, and in time your solar panel system will more than pay for itself.

Professional Solar Roof Installers In Central Ohio

You don’t need to replace your roof to go solar – numerous happy customers throughout central Ohio have added solar panels to their homes and are enjoying tremendous savings on their monthly energy bills each and every month.

Join your neighbors on the path to Net Zero payment with long-term energy savings that begins immediately.


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