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Award-Winning Hail Damage Experts

Our professional team at Lifetime Quality Roofing is ready to help navigate your property's restoration after a hail storm with expertise, quality materials, insurance know-how and more.

Trusted Service and

Repair for Hail Damage

The roof is the first line of weather defense for your home or business — and dealing with hail damage promptly will help avoid costly repairs in the future.


Over the years, Lifetime Quality Roofing has earned a reputation for responding quickly to hail damage with experience, craftsmanship and service for our customers. We are insured, bonded and nationally recommended in repairing hail damage on all kinds of roofing materials. Our team has worked with countless insurance companies and policies to support the claims of our customers, and we also assist with financing.

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How Does Hail

Damage a Roof?

Hail can affect your property in different ways, depending on the strength of the wind and the size of the hailstones. On a metal roof, the most typical damage are punctures, dents or chips to protective coating, which can create openings that expose the structure to future water damage.


If you have a shingled roof, hail is likely to cause cracks, tears and may dislodge individual shingles, degrading the roof's ability to protect from various types of weather and extreme temperatures. The grains and granules covering a shingle's surface play an important part in this protection, and they are the first to be damaged by hail.  

Know How Hail Damages Siding and Other Areas

In addition to physical damages like water problems, hail can also hurt your home or business property's marketability and visual appeal — inside and out. You may notice different types of damage depending on siding material: Vinyl siding often cracks or breaks due to hail impacts, while wood siding may show signs of denting or chipping. Aluminum siding usually shows dents or punctures. Damaged siding can lead to interior issues such as water stains, peeling paint or mold.

Why Choose Lifetime Quality Roofing for Hail Damage

Our experienced hail damage team has the training and equipment to provide a full, thorough inspection of your property, readily identify hail damage, recommend repairs and explore preventive maintenance and safeguards to help avoid hail damage in the future. We provide drone footage, videos, photographs and visual inspections — all valuable evidence during the claims process with your insurance company.

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