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Ice Damage Roof Repair

No roof is immune from damage from the elements, including ice. When the roof on your home or business has been impacted by ice from winter storms, Lifetime Quality Roofing restores your roof to prevent further damage to your property.


We are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor with decades of experience repairing ice-damaged residential and commercial roofs. If you suspect your roof needs repair, don’t attempt to inspect it yourself. Contact us, and we will thoroughly assess your roof for ice damage and discuss any necessary repairs to restore your property.


Your roof inspection and estimate are free, so don’t wait to contact us and book yours today.


Signs Your Roof Has Ice Damage

Winter storms and freezing temperatures have the potential to impact your roofing system through ice damage. Signs your roof has ice damage include:

Roof Damage. Ice can cause both asphalt-based roofs and single-ply membranes to crack, buckle, or tear, especially with repeated damage over time.

Water Stains. Water stains on your ceiling or walls could indicate that the surface of your roof has been damaged and melting ice has made its way through the layers of material.


Leaks. If you notice water dripping or leaking inside your home or business, especially during or after a period of heavy snow or ice, it could be a sign that your roof is compromised.

Ice Dams. These are ridges of ice that form near the edge of roofs and happen when snow melts on the top of the roof but then refreezes at the edge. Ice dams are dangerous because they can block water flow from your roof to your gutters, leading to spilling water on sidewalks that can refreeze and cause safety hazards. Ice dams can also lead to roofing damage and leaks.


Icicles. Large icicles hanging from the roofline could indicate ice dams or poor insulation, which can lead to the melting and refreezing that causes them.


Sagging Roof. A roof that appears to be sagging or bowing could be caused by the weight of ice and snow accumulation, which can result in structural damage.


Ice Damage Roof Restoration From Lifetime Quality Roofing

Lifetime Quality Roofing provides professional ice damage roof restoration for residential and commercial roofing systems. We start with a complimentary inspection to assess the condition of your roof and provide you with a detailed report of any potential damage.


Our team can also assist you with the insurance claims process if you need to file a claim for your roofing damage. Ice damage from severe winter weather may be covered under your insurance policy.


If we need to wait for insurance approval before repairing your roof, our roofing technicians can provide emergency tarping services in the meantime to prevent further damage or leaks. We can also clear gutters and roof edges impacted by ice dams and remove snow or ice that could structurally damage your roof.

How to Prevent Roof Ice Damage

Our experienced roofers provide preventative maintenance to reduce the impact of future ice damage to your roof. Although it’s impossible to completely prevent damage, we can ensure your roof is in excellent shape to reduce the chances of problems.


Ice damage can typically be prevented through proper roofing insulation, ventilation, and regular maintenance. When your roof is properly insulated, snow melts evenly over the roofing system, preventing refreezing at the edges and subsequent ice dams.


You can also prevent ice damage by ensuring your roofing material is in good shape before the colder seasons. High-quality shingles or flat roofing materials that are properly installed and maintained will be more resistant to cracking and blistering from ice damage than those that aren’t.


Get a Free Ice Damage Roof Repair Estimate Today

Whether your roof has been damaged by ice or you want to prevent future problems, contact Lifetime Quality Roofing today. Our professional roofers are here to help whether you need emergency ice damage roof repair, preventative maintenance, or a roof replacement.

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